Best of Tracy 2014



Thank you for taking the time and effort to research our program . We know there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to martial arts and / or physical fitness.

We have been proud to call Tracy our home since September of 2004 . Over the years we have made hundreds of friendships and like to believe that we have positively influenced those who have trained here.

Our adult and teen program is simple and effective , you can take advantage of all classes five days a week . Many of our students come in and get a hard physical work out in our bootcamp class, then jump into a mixed martial arts and self-defense class and occasionally finish up with some heavy bag work , stretching, or body sculpting . You can train 3 hours a night five days a week for less than what you would pay for 1 hour a day three days a week at most other facilities !!

Our kids program is a great value as well, since they also have classes available to them 1 hour a day ( not 30 or 45 min ) four days a week .

Whether your goal is to gain confidence in self - defense and / or improving your physical conditioning for yourself or family member, we encourage you to come in and try out a free week of classes.